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A key element of choosing a service for your business will always be price. If you have made the decision to hire an answering service company to help with your incoming call traffic, you are likely at the stage of shopping around and comparing options. Before learning about Easybee’s pricing structure, lets take a quick course on different Answering Service pricing structures:

Per-Minute vs Per-Call Pricing

You may initially be inclined to select a per-call pricing solution as it is easier to quantify how many calls you get against how many minutes. However, several services that use a per-call pricing solution will charge you the same fee for spam calls and hang ups as they do for lead processing. What is more, the answering service will likely earn more money the lower the average call handle time. This prompts businesses to rush through calls.

A per-minute pricing solution ensures that your calls are being handled adequately and that you are not being charged for calls that did not produce a meaningful exchange.

All Inclusive vs Add-Ons

You may run into two answering services with identical plans. However, one service includes features such as scheduling, texting, faxing, and more and other services may charge extra for these features. Be sure to know what you are getting before choosing the best service for you.

Other Things to Look Out For

Set-up fees, hidden fees, activation fees, holiday fees… fees, fees, fees. Be sure to look for an answering service that has a clear pricing structure so you are not bombarded with fees you were not expecting. Consider services that will not tie you down with a long term contract or have funky billing cycles.

Easybee’s Pricing

Now that you know what to look for when comparing answering service pricing structures, let’s look at how Easybee does it.

Easybee Answering Services has a straight forward approach to pricing. We bill per minute to a *tenth* of a minute. We do not round up. Our services are all inclusive. We do not charge extra for patching calls, special dispatching, outbound calling, or scheduling. Our contracts are month to month and we have no hidden fees.

Easybee’s prices start as low as $69 and, depending on your plan, you can pay less than $1.00 per minute! Check out our plans. If you do not know which plan works best for you, sign up for our 2 week free trial! You will get a better idea of what you need and you can test drive our service to make sure we integrate well with your business.

If you are looking for an answering service solution that is specific, responsive, and conveniently priced, look no further than Easybee Answering Services. Our reputation across validated review platforms like TrustPilot and Clutch are a testament to the millions of calls we have processed and hundreds of satisfied customers that have used our answering service. Easybee’s client base is composed over 70% by law firms and their operators are constantly trained to better serve the legal industry. Easybee is the best virtual receptionist for lawyers.



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