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Capture More Leads with Answering Services.

Virtual reception ensures organizations never miss calls during business hours, letting them convert every ring into a lead-generation opportunity. 

EasyBee offers comprehensive virtual receptionist services that go beyond traditional answering services. The highly trained professional teams man the phones during business hours, letting small organizations concentrate on customer service and revenue-generating tasks. The result is an increase in lead generation without the need to fund additional employees or sacrifice customer-facing tasks to attend to potential clients. EasyBee staff is trained to answer phones in a way that doesn’t make clients feel like they are dealing with outside vendors, either.

Experts estimate that as much as $41 billion in revenue is lost each year because organizations of all sizes don't have someone to answer every phone call. Calls that go to automated systems or voicemail are much less likely to result in potential customers connecting with the right people, which means those callers end up going elsewhere. For service organizations such as law firms, plumbers and electricians or HVAC companies, a missed call can mean a missed client.

Virtual reception services apply customized procedures to answering phone calls. That means a company can ask virtual reception providers such as EasyBee to provide basic information to consumers, enter data in lead-collection databases or even schedule consultation appointments. In this way, the answering service becomes more than a convenience for consumers; it becomes the first point of productive contact for your company.

A big benefit for smaller firms is that virtual reception services are so cost effective. Hiring a full-time receptionist to answer the phone in an office can cost around $30,000 per year when you consider compensation and benefits. EasyBee's most popular Value plan costs only $109 per month. The more comprehensive Executive plan only costs $199 per month, which is still well below the cost of a receptionist. Since EasyBee teams work together to man phone lines, there's also no chance a call will go unanswered; a single receptionist in an office can never guarantee such results.

According to statistics, 75% of phone calls made to small businesses go unanswered or are routed to voicemail. Managing current customers is a priority, but without connecting with new clients, SMBs could be putting the future of a company at risk. The right professional answering service can help alleviate these concerns and ensure customer connections are made without putting current business processes or budgets at risk.



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