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The Importance of a Friendly Script for a Phone Answering Service

How you talk to your clients on the phone can set the tone for your business. If clients don’t feel ‘warm and fuzzy’ when calling you, they are unlikely to do business with you in the future.

Clients want to know they’ll get the answers they need when they call and that the person on the other end will be courteous. Whether you’re answering the phones yourself or using a phone answering service, a basic script with the freedom to adjust is important.


Goals of your Phone Script

All phone scripts should have one goal – to provide outstanding service to your customers. To achieve this, consider these mini goals:

  • Make the caller feel welcome from the moment someone answers the phone
  • Ask questions that make the caller feel empowered
  • Provide the appropriate information and/or direct the caller in the right direction
  • End the call with a welcoming tone that makes the client want to call again


How to Answer Incoming Calls

Knowing how to answer your phone is important so your customers want to return.


  The Introduction

When the phone rings, clients are calling either with a question or concern. They might be current clients or potential clients. Either way, you should greet them with warmth and excitement.

Either you or your phone answering service should answer using the company’s name and the name of the person answering the phone. It adds a sense of familiarity to the call and makes the client feel more comfortable.


  Read a Script or go Verbatim?

A lot of business owners wonder, should their receptionists or even themselves read from a script or go verbatim?

At Easybee, we believe in a middle ground. We have scripts that our operators use, but only as a guideline. They don’t have to stick to it 100%. Instead, they let the conversation guide them to where it needs to go.

Our operators know how to steer the conversation in the right way so that callers get their answers and/or are pointed in the right direction. Reading from a script can leave you feeling lost if the conversation doesn’t go the way the script planned, so using it as a guideline is a better choice.


  Closing the Conversation

It’s best to end the conversation on a good note. Restating your name, thanking them for calling, and reminding them of any steps you suggested they take helps. Callers will feel empowered and welcomed when you end with a warm closing.


Easybee is a Phone Answering Service with the Right Script

If you worry about letting anyone else answer your phones, let the operators at Easybee show you how it’s done.

We work professionally and within the mission of each company. We give your callers that ‘warm fuzzy feeling’ they want when they call. They won’t be stuck with a cold voicemail or an ignored call that leads them to your competitors.

If you’d like to see how a phone answering script used right can help your company, contact Easybee today!

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