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Top Hacks to Increase Business Productivity

Every business owner knows that having a more productive business translates into a growing business. But meaning to have a more productive business is easier said than done. Every business is run by people. Productivity is directly related to how committed employees are to doing their job right.

Here’s how to improve productivity in a business environment among employees:

Avoid multitasking

Creating an environment that glorifies multitasking may bring in more negatives than positives. Though a multitasking employee may appear as someone that “hustles,” the truth is that they may be performing several tasks at a sub-par level. Promote that tasks must be completed before moving along to the next task.

Motivate your team

Motivation can come in several forms. Evaluating progress is a great way to keep employees engaged and motivated. Make sure to find time to sit down with your employees and go over their key metrics. To make them feel part of something bigger, be sure to share with them how their performance is correlated with the business’s performance. Seeing how the business is progressing as a direct result to their work is a great motivator for anyone.

Decrease activities that waste time 

Identify any task that can be automated and invest in a system that can get them done. That investment is a direct investment in your employee’s productivity. A common task that can be a waste of time is answering calls. Not all calls are important and most of what happens during an unscheduled call is not urgent. An answering service can be a great tool to ensure your employees are not constantly distracted by sales calls, spam, unexpected calls, and more.

Set goals daily 

Daily goals and KPIs go in hand with keeping employees motivated. Daily goals allow employees, and yourself, to visualize progress much better. By working towards something, we wire ourselves differently to work harder and be more productive in the pursuit of the goal.

Encourage hobbies, breaks, and vacations 

An overworked employee is not a good employee. A good work and life balance promotes a more fulfilled employee. Consequently, a more fulfilled employee is more present at their work and thus performs better. 

If a business has a lot on its plate and internal employees are busy with a load of tasks, there’s always the option to add an outsourcing service such as Easybee's Virtual Answering Services to enhance productivity in the workplace. Contact us here. You can delegate tasks to Virtual Receptionists who are familiar with the knowledge of your business and can take all of your calls efficiently. 

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