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How a Virtual Answering Service Helps Grow a Real Estate Business

Real estate is one of the hottest industries right now, even through high inflation and an impending recession. Home sales were up incredibly over the last couple of years, and while the numbers have decreased slightly over the last few months, it’s still a hot industry.

With real estate agents and their assistants up to their ears in work, phone calls often get ignored, but it’s one of the worst business decisions a person can make.

If you can’t get to all your clients’ calls, here are three ways a virtual answering service can help your real estate business.


You’ll Win Over More Clients

Clients looking at homes or trying to sell their homes have one of the biggest decisions. So when they have a question, it’s likely been on their mind and bugging them.

They need an answer immediately, and if they can’t get it, they’ll be frustrated.

When you answer calls immediately and help your clients get the answers they need, they’ll let others know how responsive you are, which can lead to a larger client base.


You’ll Sell More Homes

Buyers especially need a responsible real estate agent. They don’t want a voicemail or to be placed on hold. They know you are busy, but they also want answers to their questions in real time, especially when they find a new listing or are ready to bid on a home.

When you can answer your clients’ calls right away, you’ll have a better chance of keeping those clients and helping them find a home. Even if you have an answering service handling your calls, your clients will get the service they need, ensuring that you sell more homes.


You Can Help Clients Virtually

Since the pandemic, more people want most of their information virtually before they look at homes. Having someone capable of handling your calls and helping clients with their questions can help you sell more homes.

Sellers are also more hesitant to have a lot of people in their homes. Instead, they prefer to handle as much of the process virtually as possible, which means more phone work for you. A real estate answering service may be just what you need to seal the deal and get more business.


Final Thoughts

A virtual answering service for your real estate business can be just what you need to level up in your sales.

Having someone capable of handling your calls 24/7 can ensure you keep your clients satisfied, helping them buy and sell homes. Dealing with real estate is a big decision, and clients want to know they are working with someone who has their back 24/7.

Let Easybee help your clients feel like they are getting the best customer service possible. We’ll answer your phones 24/7, helping your clients the way you want so you can focus on the in-person work while we handle the behind-the-scenes work.

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