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Virtual Answering Services to Law Firms of All Sizes

Easybee, a leading legal answering service provider, offers law firm answering service to law firms and attorneys of all sizes. They possess a team of virtual receptionists who are experts in their respective area. Their virtual receptionists are bilingual with Spanish & English skill level of up to 92% and above.

Easybee customizes its legal services to meet clients’ requirements, whether it is the requirement of lead collection, basic message taking, scheduling appointments, processing orders, or after-hours calls. They perfectly understand the legal profession thus, helping law firms to concentrate on one case at a time while still managing other clients and grabbing the opportunity to bring on new prospects. 


They have a proven record of delivering better law firm answering service to law firms and attorneys to keep their productivity at an all time high.  Their legal answering services come with many features like voicemail-to-email, mobile call forwarding, and many more. For many years now, they have been collaborating with law offices & lawyers to offer legal services with proper care & confidentiality. Their services are recommendable for those wanting to be responsive but cannot afford to hire a full-time employee. Their virtual answering services comprise dedicated US phone number, on-demand call reports, no holiday or setup fees, and personalized voicemail with email capabilities.

Talking about their virtual receptionist services to attorneys and law firms, one of the representatives from Easybee stated,

”Their attorney and law firm answering services offer bilingual Spanish/English services, manage calls, aids in handling appointments, takes messages or even forward calls to the team who might take care of court-room assignments and out on research. Their legal answering services help boost productivity for entire firm without even increasing costs.“

Easybee is one of the reputed virtual receptionist service providers in the USA which aids businesses particularly small businesses to function more efficiently. They possess a wonderful staff of dedicated professionals closely working with the clients to help them in everything, from providing effective solutions to taking care of budget. Any kind of law firms, small or medium sized, interested in availing Easybee’s services you can visit their website or set a meeting.

Easybee is a virtual answering service provider focused on delivering English/Spanish bilingual services to companies of all sizes across a wide range of industries. The company is based in Miami, Florida but a majority of its operators are located in El Salvador, Central America. The virtual receptionist model enables Easybee to quickly scale up or down to meet customers' needs.


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